Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Considering this was my first posting, I did contemplate whether it made sense for me to write something meaningful…and decided in favour of it. After all, why write at all if its just to say “Hi! This is my first post here…Welcome Me…”

While reading today’s edition of The Times of India, I came an interesting article by Arvind Malhotra titled ” What is Innovation?” He has very correctly pointed out the inaptness of loosely labeling every action by today’s organisations as Innovation.

Think of It… How many products are advertised claiming to be pathbreaking, or revolutionary. Yes, this is the 21st Century, but that does not mandate everything we do to be labelled Innovative. Purists may claim that every product which differs and provides a new feature over the previous version can be technically labelled as Innovative. Well in which case, would it be correct to wake up 5 minutes earlier than yesterday innovative. However Efficient != Innovative. I am sure even the purists will agree with that.

Innovation is radical, a disruptive manner/product/technology which is not solely an improvement, but something not done before. Using a Steam Engine was innovative, but using the Diesel Engine was not….

// Nrip Nihalani

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Nothing is impossible without an innovation.