Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The initial sourcecode for IronRuby released

Well Its finally here...IronRuby, an implementation of Ruby targetting the .NET framework, has its initial release. IronRuby is implemented on top of the DLR, the Dynamic Language Runtime which adds a set of key features to the CLR to make it dramatically better. It adds a shared dynamic type system, standard hosting model and support to make it easy to generate fast dynamic code.

The Source Code can be obtained here

Here is a bit of an explanation and a bit of help by John Lam who by the way is one of the chief components of the IronRuby team...

Am gonna have some more posts coming in tommorow about how the build goes...

// Nrip Nihalani

Friday, July 13, 2007

Micro M2M

MicroM2M, when I heard the name, my first impression was a typical Machine to Machine Application, like the many other available today allowing for SMS based sensor control.
However what I saw, was something very different and a lot more in tune with what I would like M2M to be. Micro M2M is a text messaging service aimed at providing a cheaper alternative to SMS. It allows the sending of Messages, Images as well as Files through the Mobile Phone and uses GPRS as the carrier. Now thats pleasing to the eyes, ears and the pocket. After all who doesnt like to save the buck. Sounds like a Great Idea and a Useful Application. So am gonna download it and lets see how this works out...Will definitely let ya all know of how useful it does turn out to be...

// Nrip Nihalani

Thursday, July 12, 2007

How Low is low cost

A Few Years ago, while working with a Firm which developed Mobile Phones, the Question always came up how much time before we create a sub Rs. 1000 handset. We already knew Nokia, Motorola and a lot of chinese vendors were working on the same, and firms like TI were developing chipsets for enabling phones. Today, i still dont find a phone like this, but its Definitely Impressive how the Low Cost Market Today is Loaded with Handsets of different Shapes, Sizes, Applications and Brandnames.. Here in India, where a neat phone with a Camera, GPRS and a few Cool Applictions with support for MP3 playback would'nt cost less than Rs. 10000, now we have a huge choice of such products in the sub Rs 5000 range. I recently tried out 2 of the 3 models launched by Reliance: The Classic Handsets(Made by ZTE), and was seriously impressed. I know they are CDMA and a lot less goes into designing these babies, they are developed possibly in China,, and definitely the overall cost of manufacturing is low, but still the consumer really does'nt care. What they see is some cute looking phones, priced around Rs. 1250 and offering plans which really don't burn a hole in the packet... The entry of Chinese vendors in the market is thus in a way a good sign, and I hope the Indian firms developing handsets catch on fast and start releasing their brands fast. There has been news of BPL, Hutch, Reliance, Elcoteq, Ajanta, Digibee, Spice and a whole load of other firms developing Cell phones in India. I'm sure companies like Digibee and Spice will be flooding the market in the near future...I just hope that its fast and its worth it...

// Nrip Nihalani