Friday, July 13, 2007

Micro M2M

MicroM2M, when I heard the name, my first impression was a typical Machine to Machine Application, like the many other available today allowing for SMS based sensor control.
However what I saw, was something very different and a lot more in tune with what I would like M2M to be. Micro M2M is a text messaging service aimed at providing a cheaper alternative to SMS. It allows the sending of Messages, Images as well as Files through the Mobile Phone and uses GPRS as the carrier. Now thats pleasing to the eyes, ears and the pocket. After all who doesnt like to save the buck. Sounds like a Great Idea and a Useful Application. So am gonna download it and lets see how this works out...Will definitely let ya all know of how useful it does turn out to be...

// Nrip Nihalani

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Fitness Freak said...

Any further updations regarding MicroM2M?please let me know it