Monday, April 28, 2008


10 days using Syncplicity and I am happy to have found a Great Storage and Backup Tool. And that with the added benefit of Automatic Synchronization. Its smooth, and luckily haven't seen a bug or an issue yet. The Interface is nice and even on the mockery of a broadband that we have here, its still fast enough while loading; and as transfers happen effortlessly in the background, syncing the shared folder on their server with the PC is smooth And if that's not all, it provides for Version Control and Management with Backup :-)

The Others that I have used : Diino, Skydrive, Xdrive, Boxstr

Comparing them all, Syncplicity definitely has neater features than the rest: I am still waiting for a Beta Invite from Dropbox though : The Auto_Sync definitely being a distinguishing factor: Avoids the need for Multiple Software's for Data Storage, Remote PC Access and Version Management.

My configuration has been with a Desktop Client, a Laptop and the Syncplicity Server, and its been great so far. The present Beta allows Unlimited Storage for Free::: However I don't think this will be the case for long. Assuming they do launch a Freemium service, I think this may well be a service worth paying for ::: But then it also depends on how much they do price it at :-)


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Fitness Freak said...

yeah...Its great storage and backup tool that i often used in my PC