Sunday, May 10, 2009

Applications I can't live without

Sticky Notes
This is a really useful tool on my ubuntu boot. I wish i could email these notes to myself, or sync them up too...

Google Docs
Thank god for Google Docs, It can open both OO and MS Office Files.... Yippee

This, I think is one of the best tools of the post internet era. Allows me to remotely support clients, remotely install applications, and even remotely carry out presentations

Its a lot heavier than GTalk, but i simply love it for voice over any other app in the segment

Simplest Free FTP solution i know of, works like a charm on XP, Vista and ubuntu... Supports SFTP ... for everything else I use Putty

Google Calender
Love the alerts, especially the SMS ones. This coupled with a Note-Taker can kick any Project Management Softwares ass.

Love it majorly for its extensions. I prefer Opera as I always state, but the extensions make this less of a browser, more of a platform

Wow!!! This is one of the best apps of 2009. Basically a music based app; One can search for just about every song ever released. It streams songs and music videos from imeem and you tube, and allows you to access your music on one common dashboard.

Its down, its up, and down again!!! doesnt matter. This silly application is useful. Its simple and effective, and defines a paradign for online group chats.

Has the potential to be a Web Based OS with all those apps floating about it. Its logged onto each time one logs on their PC's nowadays. I use it to communicate, chat, play games, and even search new business leads.

Had to put it here. My fav browser, and also the email client i use nowdays.

Its simply the best tool in its category I've found. Pity it doesnt have a software for my ubuntu boot. For that I have installed dropbox, but havent got around to using it much. I love the fact that I can sync with scribd and google docs...

Love taking snaps, love playing with picassa. Nothing compares with this app.

Love this database. Maybe coz its free :P

Free again, but this is one OS, I would'nt mind paying for.

Windows Media Player
While I love winamp too, it seems to start getting heavier and losing it charm over the years.

Its good.... real good. Heavy compression, quick, free

I still am looking for great apps for image editing (photoshop et all are too heavy), video editing, news reader, personal accounting...


Anonymous said...

Have you read about Google Wave? Not out yet but you should check it out.

Bharat (Danesh)

Nrip Nihalani said...

Hey Bharat, The preview of wave was really impressive. I was following it at IO and the comments on Twitter that day were like crazy.... However after reading the dev guide, I am left not too impressed. I am waiting to see the platform in action. I hope its more than I think it is. Btw, liked your blog ... Hope to see more of it as time permits :)... Nrip

Chetan Bhadricha said...

I saw that you are looking for some image editing apps. I am sure picasa can do some amount of that ... If you are looking for more advanced stuff have you tried using GIMP on linux (I guess Ubuntu should have it and its free :P)

Nrip Nihalani said...

Thanks for the comment're right about picassa... thats why I listed it in this...But its still more of a quick fix tool rather than an image editing tool... GIMP...well am not a fan...I have lately been experimenting with Inkscape...dand it seems quite nice...though It doesnt come close to Photoshop...which unfortunately comes at a steep price...

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