Sunday, May 31, 2009

Updates - May comes to a close

Its been a hectic past few months. Unfortunately, I have found very little time to focus on my personal projects. And my promise to write regularly did not end up translating into actuality. Well then one night, instead of opening up mono, I opened up google and searched out some blogging tools. Atleast I have a tool to keep writing whenever I have time, in between journeys. And here I'm writing my first blog from w.bloggar.

The recessions ugly face is now being seen everyday and well everywhere. Plus91 has unfortunately been affected to. Its been 5 months since Plus91 commenced its operations in Pune. We are everyday wondering if expanding in the middle of a troublesome economy was a good idea after all. Its been tough and thankfully the burden is being shared by the entire team wholly. Almost every one of our clients has delayed their payments, and well we have passed on some of these delays to some of our vendors.

On the positive side, the marketing efforts are in full swing. Over a 100 doctors in Kolhapur, Solapur, Nasik and Miraj have been sent brochures. Aditya and me are following that up with visits to Kolhapur and Solapur next week. After this we have to make a short trip to Aurangabad where we shall meet Prabal too. The last month has seen new sales for Ultrasite and clinKare. clinKare now is offered for 12 more specializations and now we are testing out the ability of both to directly feed in data into infiniteHealth. Further to that, the Tele-radiology platform is progressing towards a release. The Preview launch for infiniteHealth is just a few days away. Sign up there for invites. As of now we already have over 50 sign-ups. The team is working overtime towards that.

On the non -Plus91 side, I have been helping my cousin Rahul, with Manovega, a venture that he along with one of his friends Raj has launched recently. Read up about them here.
Their concept is interesting, and their success will be a blessing for many verticals in developing nations like India and China. Especially Healthcare :). We will be keen on seeing how our telemedicine platform can benefit from manovega's technology.

More from me in a couple of days.


Rahul said...

Applications developed by Plus91 combined with the power of Manovega's solutions, can empower caregivers to view clinical results, capture billing codes, examine radiology images and transmit electronic prescriptions directly to pharmacies on the go, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

To continued success!

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